What Are Lofty Ideas?

What is the synonym of lofty?

Synonyms forsoaring.towering.aerial.airy.high-rise.raised.sky-high.tall..

How do you use lofty in a sentence?

Lofty sentence examplesThe surrounding mountains are lofty and rugged. … He is such a lofty, heavenly soul! … I have faith only in God and the lofty destiny of our adored monarch. … Man’s life here is incomplete, and the more lofty his aims, the more worthy his labours, the more incomplete will it appear to be.More items…

What does BTF stand for?

BTFAcronymDefinitionBTFBefore the FireBTFBy the Foot (measurement)BTFBelow the Fold (publications)BTFBrain Trauma Foundation50 more rows

What is a lofty person?

1a : elevated in character and spirit : noble lofty ideals. b : elevated in status : superior the less lofty customers of the bar. 2 : having a haughty overbearing manner : supercilious She showed a lofty disregard for their objections.

What is a lofty dream?

Man is always said to chase lofty dreams; in a way, we are wired to do so. Lofty, meaning high in rank, style or physical height, implies achievement of a certain elevated position. The word is used often in the non-physical sense, signifying heights of achievement or status.

What do FTW mean?

not comparableFTW (not comparable) (Internet slang) Initialism of for the win.

What does TWF stand for?

that was funny or that was funTWF is an acronym that means that was funny or that was fun.

What does AFK mean?

away from keyboardabbreviation. (primarily used in texting and messaging) away from keyboard.

What is a antonym for lofty?

lofty. Antonyms: depressed, low, stunted, undignified, ordinary, unstately, mean, unimposing, unassuming, affable. Synonyms: elevated, towering, high, dignified, eminent, stately, haughty, majestic, airy, tall.

What is another word for strive?

Some common synonyms of strive are attempt, endeavor, essay, and try.

What is another word for Unite?

SYNONYMS FOR unite 1, 2 conjoin, couple, link, yoke, amalgamate, consolidate, weld, fuse, blend, merge.

What does seemingly lofty mean?

1 of majestic or imposing height. 2 exalted or noble in character or nature. 3 haughty or supercilious.

What does lofty mean in writing?

An example of lofty used as an adjective is the phrase a lofty tree which means a tree that is very tall. An example of lofty used as an adjective is the phrase lofty writing which means writing full of complex words, phrases and images.