Quick Answer: Is Paco A Mexican Name?

What is Pancho short for in Spanish?

Pancho is a male nickname for the given name Francisco (Spanish and Portuguese equivalent of Francis).

The feminine form is Pancha..

What does hasta Fuego?

see you next time my friend.

What is Chava a nickname for?

‘Chava’ is a slang word that Mexican speakers use to call a young woman. As a result, this word means ‘girl’. In Spanish speaking countries, it’s the nickname for Salvador.

Is Pepe a Mexican name?

Pepe is a pet form of the Spanish name José. It is also a surname.

What does Poco mean?

1. Poco Can be used to mean either little when used as an adjective or to mean very when used as an adverb. Poco = little used as adjective) poco = very (Used as adverb)

Where is the name Paco from?

SpanishThe name Paco is a boy’s name of Spanish origin meaning “eagle”.

What is the meaning of Pedro in Spanish?

Pedro is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician name for Peter. … The name Pedro is derived via the Latin word “petra”, from the Greek word “η πέτρα” meaning “stone, rock”. The name Peter itself is a translation of the Aramaic Kephas or Cephas meaning “stone”.

What is Pablo short for?

Pablo is a Spanish male name. It is a Spanish form of the name Paul.

What does Taco mean?

This meaning of the Spanish word “taco” is a Mexican innovation, but in other dialects “taco” is used to mean “wedge; wad, plug; billiard cue; blowpipe; ramrod; short, stocky person; [or] short, thick piece of wood.” In this non-culinary usage, the word “taco” has cognates in other European languages, including the …

What’s a nickname for Jose?

JosephTwo common nicknames, though, are real puzzlers: Pepe, the nickname for José (“Joseph”), and Paco, the nickname for Francisco (“Francis”).

What does Paco Rabanne mean?

Francisco Rabaneda CuervoOccupation. Fashion designer. Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo (born 18 February 1934), more commonly known under the pseudonym of Paco Rabanne (French: [pako ʁaban]; Spanish: [ˈpako raˈβan]), is a Spanish fashion designer of Basque origin who became known as an enfant terrible of the 1960s French fashion world.

What does the Spanish name Paco mean?

Gender: Male. Origin: Spanish. Meaning: Free. The name Paco means Free and is of Spanish origin. Paco is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.

What is the English equivalent of Paco?

5 Answers. HI mary, Paco is a short and familiar form of “Francisco”.

Is Pancho Spanish for Frank?

Francisco is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the masculine given name Franciscus. … Also, in Spanish Latin America and in the Philippines, people with the name Francisco are called “Pancho”.

What is Tito nickname for?

In Spanish, Tito is a nickname often used for a male with the same name as his father, similar to Skip or Chip in English.