Question: Should I Take AP Bio Or Chem?

Should I take AP Chemistry If I want to be a doctor?

Science Classes If your school offers them, taking AP Biology and/or AP Chemistry are two of the best classes you can take to help you be prepared, since you’ll be taking multiple biology and chemistry classes in college.

AP Physics is also useful since pretty much all med schools have a physics requirement as well..

Should I take bio or chem first?

A1: Whatever introductory biology class you decide to take, you should take chemistry now, including lab, in your first year. You can take introductory biology at the same time, although most students wait until their second year.

Is taking AP Chem worth it?

If you’re planning on being a science/pre-med major in college, then AP Chem is definitely worth it. It’ll help you get out of the silly introductory courses and save you a little money (assuming you get a 4/5 on the AP exam).

Is AP Chemistry hard?

AP Chem is a great class to determine where you stand in the science field. It is by far the most difficult class on campus, but the most rewarding as well. A couple of guidelines for your success, number 1 don’t take AP Physics along with Chemistry, they are two tough courses that can drive you crazy.

What percent is a 5 on AP Bio?

How Is the AP Biology Exam Scored?Raw ScoreAP Score% of Test Takers Earning Score (2020)92-12059.5%72-91422.7%52-71336.9%31-51224.1%1 more row•Nov 2, 2020

Is AP Gov harder than Apush?

AP Gov is siginificantly easier. Felt like a breath of fresh air after an arduous APUSH course. It’s more about familiar concepts and things that you can easily decipher with common sense especially since government is something that we all are familiar with and affected by.

Should I take bio and chem together?

Remember, since you want to do pharmacy you will need your pre-reqs of Bio, Chem, Orgo and Physics. … I think its better if you do Chem and Bio together, unless you want to take Chem now, and do bio over the summer. Do the summer thing only if you need to adjust then it will be a good thing and possibly save your gpa.

Is chemistry more important than biology?

Physical structure of compounds. Physics, at the very introductory level, really has nothing to do with a college level biology class. … So at the introductory college level, understanding chemistry is the most important.

Can I be a doctor if im bad at math?

Before suggesting yes, you absolutely can become a doctor if you’re not good at math, it’s important to break down what math actually is. Most people think of arithmetic (addition, subtraction etc) as math. Skills important for dosage and pharmacological-based calculations. But that’s more the study of numbers.

Why is AP stats so hard?

There is a lot more emphasis on data comprehension and analysis and less on solving challenging equations. There is also more memorization required than for other AP math classes, although AP Stats still isn’t considered a memorization-heavy AP class overall.

Can a 10th graders take AP Biology?

Personally I found it pretty easy. AP Biology was a lot easier after taking Honors Biology the year before, and I did a lot better on that exam then any others. … I took both AP Bio and Honors Chem during tenth grade and I was absolutely fine (there were about 15 sophomores who did this).

Which is easier AP bio or AP Chem?

AP Chemistry is definitely the toughest. It’s easily the hardest exam on the list because of it’s heavy emphasis on conceptual understanding, memorization, and math. … AP Bio requires a solid foundation in biology and a holistic understanding of how these concepts connect.

Should I take AP Bio online?

Are AP Biology Classes worth it? The rigorous work involved in an AP course can be intimidating, but the benefits of taking an online AP course are worth it! In addition to gaining incredible knowledge, students will get college credit and college course experience to prepare them for future higher education courses.

Is AP chem or bio harder?

AP Science AP Bio is slightly harder than APES, but will look stronger on your transcript if you only plan on taking one science AP. You shouldn’t take AP Chemistry without first taking an introductory Chem class, as the pace of the class is too fast to absorb all of that information for the first time.

Is taking bio and chem in the same semester?

Basically everyone takes bio and chem together, you essentially have to. I took bio my sophomore year as it’s required to complete gen chem beforehand, so I took it with ochem, but definitely doable. You’ll see that every semester/quarter you’re gonna be taking at the bare minimum 2 classes for your major.